Something Different

I remember how carefree I used to be when I was a child. Playing hide and seek in the neighborhood until the sunset was one of my favorite memories. I remember always going around the house with my toy vacuum. Sucking up all of the small pieces of trash on the ground with my vacuum like no one else could ever do. Like no piece of trash would ever get in my way.

However, as I started to grow up, I prefered to stay in the comforts of my room, glued to my computer and TV screen.


I started to realize how much I’ve changed. Always being anxious about school. About grades. About boys. You know, just the typical things that any girl in high school would be anxious about. I forgot about all the fun things I used to do as a kid.

What ever happened to that little girl?

I wasn’t entirely sure. Maybe it was just an age thing? Or maybe I got so occupied with schoolwork that I just never had the time to go outside and play anymore?

Bloop bloop goes the time machine.

Global School Play Day 2017 was quite a day. One like no other.

For those who don’t know what Global School Play Day is, it’s a day in which students of all ages can, once again, experience unstructured play in school. Many students don’t really understand the importance of play. Many, like myself, only remember actually playing with a toy or playing a game at a small age.

Bring any toy or game you want, Mr. Theriault said.

But, there was one rule. It can’t run on electricity nor can it be battery-powered.

My first thought was “oh, darn it.” I didn’t remember if I had any toys or games at home that I could bring to school. Most of my old toys and board games were thrown out by my mom.

Because I was too old to be playing with useless toys. I was too old to be playing with useless games.


Well, and because my mom is an extreme neat freak and hates clutter. I, on the other hand, love to save things. I loved sitting down on my bedroom floor and digging through my drawers. Looking at my old yearbooks. Looking at old letters my best friends used to write me. Looking at sentimental things.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring anything to play with on Global School Play Day.

I forgot to bring something. Insert a deep sigh. I should have written myself a little note in my agenda or made a reminder on my phone to bring something, but here I am. I am … a very forgetful person. And not by choice.

The day gave me a little glimpse of what used to be. Even though it was only for an hour, it was rad. I only wish that other teachers would do this. I understand that most teachers like to stick to their schedule of lecturing, homework, and tests. But students can’t handle that, especially students with AP classes. Students can’t handle the tremendous amounts of homework that they are given from each of their classes, wake up early in the morning, study for quizzes and tests, do extracurricular activities, be sociable, AND have fun. We are not built for this. We aren’t built to sit in class for hours on end for five days out of the week. For 7 hours a day. Sometimes, we need a break from all of this. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

And hey, teachers need breaks too.




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